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Nov 4th, 2009 @ 21.26

I am currently improving the visual quality and performance of the deferred rendering system for the Vergence Game Engine. Here are some shots showing the screen space ambient occlusion we use. A really good trick is to use a very small random texture (4×4 in my case) so you can blur out the noise easily. I use four blur passes with a simple depth weighted cross filter, which runs super fast. Varying the blur kernel size over the passes gave me a stable result without any visible noise artifact.

Next step will be view frustum culling (oh yes we don’t have the simple things 🙂 ) and then hopefully get the multithreaded rendering system working. While profiling I recognized our HDR-Bloom is pretty expensive too. I will work on that later.

Jun 2nd, 2009 @ 22.42

I am currently developing a new Editor, called VrgStudio (was VStudio, I renamed it to prevent confusion with MS Visual Studio), for the Vergence Engine (more information here and here). Today I finished the first step, a Plugin and Message Passing System. Plugins are loaded as dll-files and communicate via messages. A Plugin can register callback-methods for messages, so basically it is a event system with a few extensions.

At the moment everything is running single-threaded, but concepted for a multi-threaded or even multi-process system. All in all, nothing fancy yet and nothing to show except a boring console window.

Next step is a basic GUI-Plugin: I started playing around with Qt, but still needs a lot of work.

Current lines of code: 2268 total, 2093 without comments 😉

Mar 28th, 2009 @ 11.50

I saw this presentation video of the new Unreal Engine 3 Editor yesterday:

The first thing I thought was: “Hey that tagging mechanism is exactly the same I was planning to do for the new Editor of the Vergence Engine“. I never publish my ideas, except a draft in google docs: “wahh google is selling my ideas”. OK whatever, tagging is a very common approach, so I can’t blame google or Epic for this 😉

Anyway the new Unreal Ed has some really cool features. Check it out!