Feb 5th, 2009

I recently saw the Mad Max Trilogy (Beyond Thunderdome was so disappointing, but that is another story) and I was really fascinated by the Black Interceptor (or Interceptor 2 or Pursuit Special). Therefore I decided to build my own interpretation in 3ds max. As you can see below, the model is lowpoly. Maybe I want to use it in a game or something like that one day.

Searching for references was quite fun, there are so many crazy fans out there, trying to built there own replica (real cars, not virtual like mine). The most helpfull references are listed below, in case you are interested in some:

Here is what I did so far:

    • I really do like your work here. This car is just great in the first 2 Mad Max movies! I especially enjoyed the intro sequence of part 2 I remember.

    • MADMAN_nfs

      How is the progress on the Interceptor? And what is the polycount of this model? I would like to see it in an old Need for Speed game which is NFS4 High Stakes. There is still a community but this great car hasn’t made it in the game so far. Anyway if it has over 7k polies it will not be of any use for NFS4. Please reply!
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    • Clemens

      Hey there are no updates so far. The current polycount is around 6700 polys. My target was something about 10k.

    • Harry Thite

      its looking sexy